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Do you want make a cappuccino,anytime and anywhere? Now it’s possible with Goppuccino, the Portable Cappuccino Maker, the first thermos for cappuccino.

Just a few seconds, for make in a simply way a frother milk without machinery.

If you shake the hot milk, you created a creamy milk foam. With your Goppuccino thermos, you can do it where you want.

cappuccino maker

Goppuccino is the only thermos with two  compartements of the right size for contain hot milk and coffee.

It’s have the disegn of a shake that you can use like a perfect portable latte maker.

It’s composed by two parts: the milk and coffee thermos and the cappuccino cup.

milk - coffee

You must just pour the coffee before, then shake Goppuccino for 20 seconds, and add your frothy milk in the cup.

Goppuccino is a thermos and a latte maker, and for this reason you can make that anywhere.

Enjoy the Full video

italian cappuccino maker

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The 3 Best Espresso Machines and Cappuccino Maker for Home of 2017

Number 1: De Longhi AUTENTICA ETAM 29.510.SB

For me is absolutely the best for one reason: integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding levels. The grinding is perhaps the most important part to obtain a good espresso. In my bartendere experience, I learned how much the right grinding, make the difference between a good or a bad espresso. Grinding at the moment of consumption is one of the most important thing to do. And for this,  this espresso machine is for me the best of this rank. Then it’s have steam outlet to create a creamy and dense milk froth for your favorite beverages like Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato or to deliver hot water for tea and infusions.

Number 2: Nespresso XN2140

This espresso machine is suitable for those who want enjoy a good coffee quickly, without major preparation operations. It’s compatible with Nespresso capsules, compact and ensures the delivery of a hot and creamy coffee in seconds. The price is low, but the quality is high.

Number 3: Saeco HD8423/11 Poemia Espresso Machine and Cappuccino Maker

This espresso machine and cappuccino maker, is a famous Italian brand and is the right compromise between the top two in the standings. You can make a good espresso directly with the already ground powder and you can make cappuccino with launches in high-pressure steam.

And for take your Cappuccino outdoor you can use one of this and put the espresso and milk into Goppuccino, the portable Cappuccino Maker.

To take your decision, you must consider several factors.
The espresso machines and cappuccino maker that only allow the use of capsules, are certainly the most economical, but also the less versatile. In fact, you’re tied to the purchase of the capsules which are more expensive than ground coffee or beans, and in the long run it could also be the most expensive choice. Furthermore capsules create a large amount of waste and if you are sensitive to the environmental aspect, you should consider this fact.

I prefer the use of espresso machines and cappuccino maker, which makes using the powder or grains. With these you have much more freedom of choice on your also mixtures also they have the steam lances to warm the most powerful milk. Under the environmental aspect then, the coffee residue can be used as a fertilizer at home, and is biodegradable.

You can not use the steam nozzle for making cappuccinos? No problem here are the 2 best cappuccino maker for home.

  • 1 Bialetti Rondine

  • is a milk frother machine that consent you to warm the milk and stuffing is pump in the same receipe. That consent you to create a magnificent foam. Its characteristics are: non stick coated, optimal heat conduction and double fine milk frother sieve insert. It’s a great cappuccino maker

 2 Ventuci

Is an elettric milk frother with stand for make foam  for cappuccino