Portable Cappuccino Maker

Cappuccino Home made

Who said that only the bar they can enjoy a really creamy?
To prepare excellent, just follow the various tips that – depending on the needs and tools have – we propose below.
In general, for the basic recipe requires the following ingredients, per person: 125 ml of milk and 25 ml of coffee.

The secret is the whole milk.

The secret of a good cappuccino is in the foam. If the milk is not sufficiently mounted, in fact, the result is rather disappointing; especially for those who dream of a consistency “to lick the ‘whiskers.
To get a good creamy texture, whole milk should be used: the protein is rich – more than semi-skimmed – in fact, provide a soft, dense foam.
To make foam, it takes about one third of the milk which in total is to be paid on coffee.

Portable Cappuccino Maker

Just a jar (and a microwave)
You can brew a creamy cappuccino even without possessing special tools to mount the foam milk: just a simple glass jar.
The fills of milk up to a third – the size of the can depends on the amount of foam that you wish to obtain – and it is closed with the cover. It Shake vigorously for 30 seconds; then remove the cover and heats the jar in the microwave for another 30 seconds.
The resulting milk foam is then added to the coffee, previously poured into a large bowl.

Let stand the foam for half a minute, then proceed to prepare an espresso and pour it into a large bowl.
Finally, in the same cup will gently add the frothed milk; taking care that the spoon does not face that is used to remove the foam.

The decorations: Cocoa and toothpicks
To customize the home-made cappuccino depending on personal tastes, many are the ingredients that blend well with the taste of coffee; and especially the milk foam.
To decorate your cappuccino, we need a toothpick, or various stencils in the shape of hearts, stars, flowers, etc.
Using the toothpick, you can create decorations directly onto the foam.
Pouring onto the surface of cocoa cappuccino or / or cinnamon – with the stencil support from various forms – by the delightful and delicious cappuccinos.
Instead pouring foam on syrups – to white or black chocolate, vanilla, fruit, etc. – It is easier to create specific patterns or script.
To give the cappuccino a more aesthetic effect, as well as more taste, finally you can pour some chocolate flakes on the foam, or chopped hazelnuts or almonds.
You just have to choose which tool to prepare your cappuccino and as garnish!
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