What Is It and How It Works Thermos

The thermos is a special container that serves to maintain the temperature, hot or cold, of foods and beverages. It is essentially an object that, thanks to the materials with which it is realized, is able to at least maintain the temperature for several hours.

It is undoubtedly a powerful tool especially if you are away from home, while traveling or on a trip, because it allows to always have with you a snack or a drink at a nice temperature.

The thermos bottle can be made with different materials, although the most common are certainly the plastic and steel; a double wall with an air gap allows the isolation from the external environment. The air is in fact considered the best insulator.Portable Cappuccino Maker

For the summer, then, when you spend entire afternoons in the open and make walks and excursions in contact with nature, the thermos will serve to keep fresh drinks like water, soft drinks and fruit juices, while for winter, when tempertaure drop significantly but the mountain lies ahead for trips and sports, here is the thermos will be ideal to always behind tea, herbal teas and hot coffee.

There are several types of Thermos for all needs, but there is only one for cappuccino: Goppuccino  the portable cappuccino maker.

Thanks to its double compartment Goppuccino allows you to prepare a cappuccino anywhere within seconds.

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