The Perfect Cappuccino

Prepare a perfect cappuccino is an art, it takes experience, knowledge and skills. A perfect cappuccino looks like this:

-creamy white in color, adorned with brown border (with brown-hazel designs decorated in cappuccino), meshed with very fine holes or absent.
-Full body, cream, with faint bitterness and acidity almost imperceptible, intense aroma.
The parameters of the perfect cappuccino
25 ml of perfect espresso
100 ml of well-fitted with vapor milk – during the step of mounting the milk increases in volume and becomes about 125 ml, for which the cup is to be more capable than the total sum of the quantity of milk expressed and
fresh cow milk, cold (3-5 ° C), whole (with a minimum protein content of 3.2% and 3.5% fat)
ideal temperature of 55 ° C (if the milk frothing is correct, otherwise the tactile perception to equal degrees varies depending on the consistency: more liquid warmer perception, creamier more lukewarm perception)
Cup full to the brim, with a dome in evidence
clear cone-shaped porcelain cup with 150-160 ml capacity.
Temperature of 45 degrees around the cup
Making cappuccino
It ‘very important to make the cappuccino by following the correct technical procedure and chronological:
The first phase, very delicate and run according to proper technique, is the milk frothing in a stainless steel pot, to maintain well mixed together all the nutrients of milk. In the concluding part of the frame, the reel that form in the milk jug breaks any macro bubbles and releases a white cream, soda and persistent, with fine inlaid plot of microbubbles, which lends itself to a high luster.
Then it dispenses espresso in the cup and in the meantime you perform the mise en place.
Now it makes the cream homogenization and polishing, rolling the pot in order to obtain compactness and a glossy surface and homogeneous.
Finally pour the cream into the cup of fluid milk and compact, with the wise movement of the wrist.
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The Coffee roasted

The coffee roasting is a very special and important process to have a good coffee. Proper roasting makes the difference between a good coffee blend and poor.
We discover in this video as it happens in a roasting Italian roasting

The coffe is an important part of a great cappuccino, and if you want make this anywhere you can do it only with Goppuccino the Portable Cappuccino Maker

The Importance of the Coffee Blend

The coffee blends are not all equal, some are really good while others make coffee crap.

The Italian coffee is the best, and a high price often is synonymous with high quality.

My absolute favorite is Caffè Bonomi, the use in my bar for 10 years and I understand that my coffee is good because of the large number of customers that after drinking you are amazed at the goodness of their coffee.

So the skill of the barista is important, but to have a great coffee also the blend should be excellent.

The coffee property

The coffee is very popular because of its many features.

Caffeine is for example contained in cellulite or slimming products, to be used for topical use for their thermogenic capacity, that is, stimulating the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue and subsequent oxidation.

Caffeine is also present in draining products, since it favors the diuresis, reducing water retention. The same substance, belonging to the class of alkaloids, has exciting properties on the central nervous system, it stimulates wakefulness and, for its ability to improve muscle reactivity.

For all these reasons the coffee is very exploited within the healthy, but also in the pharmaceutical field, where it falls, for example, in the composition of important drugs such as painkillers.

Coffee is made from a plant known as Coffea arabica, which gives its name to the finest blends of coffee. However, there are many other species and varieties in different caffeine content.

There are species of coffee which have a high content of caffeine; in addition to the aforementioned Coffea arabica (0.8-1.4%), it should be remembered Coffea robusta (1.7 to 4%), which is responsible for the coffee stronger leadership.

Coffea instead of humboltiana Madagascarha a very low content in caffeine.

The Coffea arabica is a small tree belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Originally from Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula, it is currently widely grown in South America and particularly in Brazil, the main coffee producer in the world.

And the most famous use of coffee is for make cappuccino, the most popular drink in the world.

What Is It and How It Works Thermos

The thermos is a special container that serves to maintain the temperature, hot or cold, of foods and beverages. It is essentially an object that, thanks to the materials with which it is realized, is able to at least maintain the temperature for several hours.

It is undoubtedly a powerful tool especially if you are away from home, while traveling or on a trip, because it allows to always have with you a snack or a drink at a nice temperature.

The thermos bottle can be made with different materials, although the most common are certainly the plastic and steel; a double wall with an air gap allows the isolation from the external environment. The air is in fact considered the best insulator.Portable Cappuccino Maker

For the summer, then, when you spend entire afternoons in the open and make walks and excursions in contact with nature, the thermos will serve to keep fresh drinks like water, soft drinks and fruit juices, while for winter, when tempertaure drop significantly but the mountain lies ahead for trips and sports, here is the thermos will be ideal to always behind tea, herbal teas and hot coffee.

There are several types of Thermos for all needs, but there is only one for cappuccino: Goppuccino  the portable cappuccino maker.

Thanks to its double compartment Goppuccino allows you to prepare a cappuccino anywhere within seconds.

cappuccino maker

Vegan Cappuccino. The quality of soy milk

The soy milk is increasingly being used in the preparation of cappuccino. It is the ideal ingredient for those who do not want to give up the cappuccino, but does not want to drink cow’s milk, such as those who are vegan or lactose intolerant.


Many people in fact, do not drink cow’s milk for both environmental and ethical reasons, and partly because they can not digest lactose.
According to recent research, in Europe and the United States, the lactose intolerant they are between 11% and 20% of the population.

map intolerance
For these reasons, the soy milk is an important alternative for millions of people.
The feature that has made it so popular soy milk is the fact that it is a beverage also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and those who have chosen to eliminate this substance from your diet for ethical reasons. In fact, the soy beverage, like all the other vegetable drinks, is absolutely free of lactose.
Soy milk is also rich in amino acids (even essential) and low in calories and fat, so many people choose to use it when I’m on a diet. In this drink it is absent not only cholesterol but also some substances are present (isoflavones) able to lower the so-called bad cholesterol (LDL).
Also with regard to the control of blood sugar, the soy milk is a good helper. It is actually a drink from the low glycemic index. also stimulates urine output and therefore promotes the elimination of waste from the body.
What makes it ideal for cappuccino is its protein concentration of around 3% and 2% fat, that is, substances that contribute to the formation of a beautiful milk foam.
Many bars now offering vegan soy cappuccino, but you can prepare it at home by following the same procedure that is used for the preparation of the classic cappuccino with your coffee machine.
As an alternative to the use of steam launch, before you can heat the milk to 65 degrees with the microwave or the stove, then shakerarlo for 20 seconds to get a magnificent foam.

soy cappuccino
soy cappuccino