How it Works

The Goppuccino operation is based on a very simple method to make the milk foam: the hot milk shaken form the cream, because of the protein and of the gas which contains, that in this way go on to form the foam.
This can be done in seconds and in any place, the important thing is to get the milk to the right temperature.
For this Goppuccino is a thermos, to allow the maintenance of the heat and be able to make the cappuccino where you want.

In addition to having a real Italian cappuccino, milk and coffee they must be united to the point of consumption, because even after a few minutes would lose its popular features.
Go around with two thermoses, one for coffee and one for milk is not practical right?
For this, Goppuccino is the only thermos in the world with a two compartments designed to contain the right amount of coffee and milk needed to make the classic Italian cappuccino.
So you can make coffee and hot milk at home, put them in Goppuccino and you’re done. You can drink your cappuccino when and where you want.

It’s designed to have the best features to shake, and the small size so that it can be conveniently carried in a purse or backpack when you go to work or on a trip.
It ‘an alternative for lovers of soy milk which is not always found in every bar with Goppuccino to you to choose your favorite milk.